"Faith, what a living and active thing it is." A Christian teacher once said that about the faith we have in Jesus. Faith isn't just belief in dry, old principles, but trust in the living Word of God and the triumphant Son of God. Faith in Christ is alive and should change us and the way we live. God wants us to be living out our faith in the world for the good of others around us. But how? What does that look like? What do we do when that's tough to do? Living Faith is a sermon series devoted to equipping us for living our faith in a world that desperately needs what Jesus came to bring.   

Jan 19 - Shows Love to Enemies (Matthew 5:38-48):  It's easy to love those who love you.  It's easy to take revenge.  But when we love our enemies and refuse to take revenge, we're living a completely selfless existence.  


Jan 26 - Seeks Reconciliation (Matthew 5:21-26): Reconciliation is hard.  Anger is easy.  And yet, Jesus lived with reconciliation toward those who wronged him.  We ought to do the same.


Feb 2 - Looks to the Lamb for Mercy (John 1:29-41) Where do you turn for justification?  Do you make excuses or try to rationalize what you've done wrong?  When we do that we're not being truly honest about our wrongs and we're denying Jesus the opportunity to forgive.  He wants to forgive you!


Feb 9 - Lives Differently than the World (Matthew 5:1-12): While the world promotes arrogance and looking out for yourself, Jesus teaches us to live opposite.  Humility, purity, and taking care of others are valued and praised by God.  


Feb 16 - Shines for the World (Matthew 5:13-20) Make the world a better place.  Perhaps you've heard that mantra or live by it.  Did you know that originated with Jesus?  Jesus calls us to be salt and light in the world to make this world better.  How are you doing that? 


Feb 23 - Sees Jesus as the Son of God (Matthew 17:1-9) Who do you suppose Jesus is?  Great teacher?  Wise man?  Miracle worker?  He puts all those ideas about him to rest when he revealed his divine glory to his disciples.  He truly is the Son of God who came to save us.