When will you start formal worship? We are open for worship now! We meet every Sunday morning at 9 am.

Where? Ralston Crossing Event Center, 7400 Indiana St., Arvada, CO 80007 (map)

What can I expect from your services? We have an easy-to-follow order of service printed and projected on a screen so you can easily participate.  Scripture readings point us to God and the theme of the day.  There is a special message for children during the service.  We sing 3-4 songs every Sunday, some traditional hymns and other more contemporary.  The entire service points us to Jesus, our Savior.

Do I have to dress up? Only if you want to! One thing you will quickly notice is that there is a broad spectrum on how we dress on a Sunday morning. Whether you choose to wear shorts and flip flops or your Sunday best is up to you. No matter what you wear, you will fit in!  God wants your heart and praise. 

What about kids during the service?  We practice Whole Family Worship.  We love having kids in worship with us and provide ways they can participate and be part of it.  We also realize kids have their moments.  We have a tot area where your kids can entertain themselves while you still participate in the service.  There are also activity sheets that kids can use to entertain themselves and learn lessons from the service. 

How do my kids grow in faith?  We want you kids to grow closer to Jesus by hearing his Word and learning Bible stories.  Shepherd Kidz launches in January/February 2020 to do just that.  This kids' ministry will meet during the 2nd half of the service.  Following the children's message, kids can go with their teachers to learn a Bible story and do an activity/craft.  They'll return at the end of the service.  

What other ministries do you have?  Our tagline is "Connecting you to Jesus and one another."  We strive to do that through excellent Worship, small group Bible study groups called Connect groups, neighborhood, personal, and community outreach, and community service.  Check out the Worship/Grow/Reach/Serve tabs to learn more and get involved!

I have more questions. Who can I ask? We want to answer all your questions and concerns. Please use our Connect form to submit your questions under “How Can We Help?”  You can also email Pastor Jeremy at candelaspastor@gmail.com. If you prefer to speak to a person, call us at 720-441-3182.