Worship the Lord all the earth, proclaim his salvation day after day.
I Chronicles 16:23

Worship is not just a once a week thing, but living our lives everyday for Jesus. We follow Jesus by gathering regularly around God's Word and Sacraments to be built up by the Holy Spirits for our lives of worship. We gather to also encourage one another with the message of forgiveness in  Christ alone. We believe in utilizing the heritage of the church past and present to proclaim Jesus clearly as we can. 


Our worship team is always looking for more help with music. Are you a musician? Interested in singing with a partner or small group? If so, we want you!  We have training and rehearsals to prep for worship. Sign up to enhance our music. We're passionate about praising our Savior. Contact Music Coordinator Cassie Green after worship service or at worship@svlcandelas.org.


We have an easy-to-follow order of service printed and projected on a screen so you can easily participate.  Scripture readings point us to God and the theme of the day.  There is a special message for children during the service.  We sing 3-4 songs every Sunday, some traditional hymns and other more contemporary.  The entire service points us to Jesus, our Savior.  

Our pastors' sermons every week take the truth of a section in God's Word and applies it to our lives in real, practical ways. Jesus Christ and his saving work are the focal point, since he is our confidence and strength. We invite you to visit our Sermons page and listen to Pastor Jeremy Belter - Candelas campus pastor.