• By The Devil - Genesis 3:1-15

    There was a great tragedy in the Garden of Eden, the perfection of humanity and life on earth that God established was destroyed by mankind’s rebellion.  Mankind listened to the temptation and chose evil rather than good.  We still feel the effects of that today.  It’s the reason our world is the way it is.  As individuals, we’re still tempted by the devil in a variety of ways and often stumble and fall.  We have a champion, Jesus, who came and crushed the devil’s power over us.  Now we have the power and strength to defeat the devil in daily life because Jesus has already rendered him powerless.  


    God’s plan of salvation was based on a promise to send his Son.  However, that promise would need to continue through a man and woman who were unable to have children.  Abram was a believer who received that promise from God and then followed as God led him to a new home and life.  Why would he go?  He had plenty of reasons to be skeptical.  He would follow God because it was God!  He was rooted in God’s power, grace, and bigness.  God could and would do anything to save him so Abram followed, refusing to be defeated by skepticism.   

  • BY SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS - Isaiah 42:14-21

    Spiritual blindness comes in two forms.  One cannot see a way to salvation.  Another sees the Way but rejects Jesus.  The Lord makes a promise to both groups in this section of Isaiah.  He promises certain deliverance and rescue to his children who can’t see a way out.  God will turn the darkness to light!  But to those who reject the true God and his salvation, God blinds them.  We want to be those who continually cling to God’s promise of light and salvation, trusting in his deliverance.  

  • BY DYSFUNCTION - Genesis 37:1-11

    Selfishness led to Jacob’s favoritism of Joseph and his sons’ jealousy. Selfishness led Jacob and his sons to such pride that they could not imagine God’s prophecy about Joseph coming true. Their selfishness forced Joseph into the role of slave and servant. Disfunction ran through this family, but Joseph would trust in God and selflessly serve his fellow man. When we allow pride and selfishness to get in the way of God and his Word that same disfunction can be found in our relationships and our own heart. Jesus calls us to humble ourselves before God and one another, because it’s the humble who are lifted and exalted.  Just ask Jesus!

  • BY DEATH - EZEKIEL 37:1-14

    Death is that bitter lot we inherited from Adam and Eve. They brought death, it’s finality and hopelessness into our world and life. However, death will not get the final say for those who have God’s Spirit. God raised Christ from the dead, the first of many who would defeat death. That’s right, because of Christ people will rise from the dead. God promised it with this vivid picture of a fallen army coming to life, the fallen believers of all time. Trust in Jesus for through him we are conquerors over death. 

  • BECAUSE OUR KING HAS COME - zechariah 9:9-10

    God called on his people to rejoice when the messianic King arrived. He brings the righteousness and salvation she craves. His King would surpass the glory of all kings. His rule would extend over the whole earth and bring peace to God’s people. He would do that with his person, not with an army – not with violence, but with gentleness. He would establish it through humility and not pride. 

  • by SIN - ISAIAH 52:13-53:12

    The Messiah Jesus came as an ordinary man, but would suffer extraordinary punishment. He wouldn’t suffer punishment for any wrong he did, but for the wrongs of others! He wouldn’t challenge it as unfair, but accept it willingly and without a complaint. He would die as a criminal, while the guilty went free. And who did all this to him? God! Yet, in a divine, holy paradox, he did deserve it all because God had placed all the sins of the world on him. Jesus picked up our transgressions and carried our iniquities and was crucified as the world’s most notorious and only sinner. He did all that for us! Rejoice, because you are not defeated by your sin. 


    Jesus faced every enemy we face and defeated all of them. But what about the grave? Could he defeat it? Three days earlier it seemed like all hope was lost and Christ’s work of salvation had been cut off. But the grave could not hold him – and in fact it can’t hold any who put their trust in Christ. Christ defeated the grave so we will rise and live forever. Death is not the end but the door to heaven. All the tragedies brought on by Adam and Eve’s sin are reversed through Christ. Tears are dried. Peace is restored. The law of God fulfilled. Death is defeated! We are undefeated.