The grills were sizzling and swimming pool was packed when the SVL Candelas Launch Team came to dish up over 400 hot dogs and hambugers to a hungry Candelas community at their 4th of July parade and picnic! 

The outreach opportunity was a great way to meet our neighbors, inform them about our new site and invite them to our launch service on Oct. 6. Dozens of invites were handed out along the one mile parade route and during the picnic. Pastor Belter and his team had numerous 1-on-1 conversations with Candelas  families about our churches as well as our award-winning Christian school.

If you're feeling the FOMO and would like to be a part of the SVL Candela's future fun and festivities events, contact Pastor Jeremy. Tell him you'd like to be a part of - or want to learn more about - the Launch Team. We'd love to have you join us!