Join us each Sunday in December at 9 am for our Advent Series as we prepare our hearts, and the hearts of others to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Learn of the gifts freely and unconditionally he gives us every day because he loves so much.

Dec. 1 - HOPE: Our hope is not a naïve wish that things will get better. Our hope is rooted in the fact that Christ came at that first Christmas to forgive every sin. 

Dec. 8 - PEACE: Through the work of Christ, sinners are at peace with a holy God. Even more, throughout history God’s messengers like John the Baptist proclaimed the gospel, so that God’s people could live in peace. God raises up a messenger to preach that gospel to you today.

Dec. 15 - JOY: All those with faith in Christ know that when he comes for the second time, it will be to deliver us, not destroy us. He will not increase our pain but take every pain away. Then, and not a moment before, our lives will finally be perfect! And so, we live joyfully and thankfully, looking forward to Christ’s return.

Dec. 22 - LOVE: Love is rarely a gift. Typically, when you love someone, it is because you get something in return. However, with God, his love is always a gift. God the Son took on human flesh and suffered and died to atone for our sins. Yet, he did so gladly. Why? Love that is undeserved!

Be sure to join us for our Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at 6 pm!