Nov. 10: Consider All God Has Done For You.  Why do we struggle with thankfulness?  We have so much and yet contentment and a truly thankful life eludes so many of us.  This Sunday we'll learn from a believer named Jacob who had a truly ThankFULL life, not because of what he possessed, but because of why he possessed those things.


Nov 17:  God Enables Us to Give Thanks in All Circumstances.  it's easy to give thanks when life goes our way and moves in the right direction (the direction we want it to go).  However, we all know from experience life doesn't always do that.  Does that mean our thankfulness should cease when life isn't going our way?  A truly ThankFULL life means we can give thanks in all circumstances.  The Apostle Paul will share that secret with us in this message.


Nov. 24:  God Made You to Be a Distribution Center.  It's easy to accumulate things and money and see those as the reason for our security.  We can also look at stuff as a way to get control in life.  The problem is that when we do that we turn our attention inward and not outward to others and their needs.  God made us to be servants of others and to provide for the needs of those around us.  The early Christian Church gives the example to follow for a ThankFULL life.

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